• Image of F-Lite V2 Rear Hub

We tested our F-Lite hubs for over a year and experienced zero problems – so they’re good to go. They feature 10mm female axles front and rear (with adapter washers for rear 14mm dropout slots), fully sealed FAF cartridge bearings, durable pawls, CNC machined hub shells and hardware, chromoly studs, one-piece chromoly 9T driver, and a super smooth no-nonsense appearance. The V2 hubs now feature cromoly axles as well… Guaranteed to go fast, we absolutely love these hubs.


Body: CNC Machined, 36 spoke, low-flange
Internals: Four sealed FAF cartridge bearings, 10mm female chromoly studs with adapters for 14mm dropout slots, hollow cromoly axle
Driver: One piece 9T cog, RHD only
Spoke Length: Typically, use 186mm with 12mm nipple
Weight: 360g
Colours: Red

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Note: We recommend 28:9 gearing. It’s just faster.


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